Useful businesses like yours usually go unnoticed.

Let's work on changing that. Together.

We’ve all been there. Starting out. Taking a risk and making a stand for something we believe in. Doing our best to be useful with what we offer, only to find that nobody cares.

But deep inside you know your business is here to leave a mark. And so do we...

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About the studio

Our mark

Embrand studio is an award-winning brand identity consultancy that helps you win people's hearts at first sight. Our flexible team of strategists, designers, copywriters and animators, is here to tell your story in the most captivating way — through words, symbols, web experiences and movement.

Since starting in 2009 we’ve helped businesses from all over the world transform into brands that move and captivate.

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About the studio

Our family

A team is as strong as the connection between its members. We’re a tightly-knit group of colorful individuals with unique perspectives on both branding and life.

What connects us is our insatiable love for coffee and our commitment to being the best human beings and professionals
we can be.

The eye

Alexander Petrov

Creative director

The brain

Atanas Dzhingarov

Brand Strategist

The heart

Radimira Yordanova

Graphic designer

About the studio

What we stand for

Be useful above all

We do not believe in design just for design's sake. Instead, we believe design should be compelling, inspiring, and moving. If it's none of these, it's not design - it is decoration. And decoration doesn't win over hearts and souls.

Craft brands from the ground up

Instead of focusing solely on the visual, we believe in crafting brands from the ground up. We start with your target audience as the foundation of your brand. By empathizing with their needs and goals we can align your brand with the people who matter the most.

Spark conversations

A brand should be an ongoing conversation between people. Between the business owners and their early adopters. Between the audience and the product or service people. Between investors and founders. Hundreds or even thousands of souls, all trying to figure out what a single brand stands for. And we are here to transform this conversation into a clear singular message.

Initiate a transformation

Change is a law of nature. What doesn't change, doesn't survive. But we are not here to force change. We are here to inspire it. To guide you in figuring out better ways of communicating your brand authentically and to help you rediscover why it is worth it for you and your audience to invest in.

Unite under a clear purpose

We believe in helping businesses find their true purpose to the people invested in them — their customers, their employees, and their community.Businesses with purpose persist, while ones without it perish. A business without a clear purpose is doomed to failure.

Use the power of symbols

Symbols are the closest thing to magic we have. They can be as simple as a charm or a chant, but can unleash tides of energy from people's subconscious. They can inspire trust, or hatred. Change or revolution. Symbols should be created and handled with care.

Communicate from the heart

We believe that authenticity is where brands are able to reach their audience.  This is achieved by speaking in their language as opposed to tech lingo. We love trends as much as the next designers, but we prefer to focus on timeless results that would resonate with people even 10 years from now.

About the studio

Awards &

Oct 2020

Computer graphics award

Computer space 2020 — International forum for Digital arts and design

Feb 2017

Winner of Global Game Jam 2017 event

Museum of Humor and Satire, Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Oct 2015

Official selection of the annual exhibition "To death with a smile"

The Mexican museum of design, Mexico city, Mexico

March 2013

Official selection of Twelfth International Triennial of the Political Poster Show


In a world where the most useful businesses go unnoticed...

We help ambitious business owners  uncover the true value of their brand and communicate it with clarity. All of this while striking the perfect balance between strategy and design.

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