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There are places that take your breath away and it feels like time has stopped. We believe that everyone needs a bit of stillness to enjoy the moment without worrying about the future. Azzurro Beach & Bar is situated near Skala Prinos, on the western shore of the tranquil Thasos island in Greece. Embrand studio was commissioned by Azzurro to help them establish an unique brand, recognizable among numerous bar locations nearby. We needed to find a name and a face that makes Azzurro the instant favourite of families looking to enjoy everything the Beach & Bar has to offer.

A fresh brand identity for a beach bar in Thassos

"The entire experience of working with Embrand studio has been incredibly insightful and I feel we’ve had a very good and productive partnership! Their services have not only brought the needed clarity into the Berenica brand but have successfully captured our vision and brought it to life. With their help, we have created the infrastructure for the future developments of the brand."

Georgi Koev
Thassos, Greece

March 2022

Brand Strategy & Naming: Atanas Dzhingarov | Art Direction: Alexander Petrov | Motion Graphics: Alexander Petrov | Print Production & Clothing: J-Point, N1 Advertising

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