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Mindways helps e-sports athletes overcome mental barriers and embrace the clarity and focus they need to win through science-based mental coaching processes. The Embrand studio team helped establish the visual identity,messaging and digital presence for this start-up business that helps professional athletes and coaches overcome their mental barriers. Every design decision was oriented towards clarity, technical excellence, and transcending limitations.

A futuristic brand identity guiding e‑sports athletes on the Path to Clarity™.

"Working on my brand strategy and identity was a real game changer for me as it brought clarity over which audience I need to focus on, and how do we engage with them. ‍ I would say the three main points of improvement I see with Mindways are that I am more confident over my business and more clear on the value it offers. Moreover this new clarity on who my target audience is allows me to serve them better. And finally the brand awareness that was raised for Mindways, through our website launch has lead me to create new business contacts and opportunities for Mindways. ‍ I would absolutely recommend the branding services of Embrand studio, since they were very meticulous in understanding my business and my concerns. This lead me to see more clearly and have more confidence in the future of Mindways. The brand identity that they created for me looks very authentic to my purpose and the way I approach my business."

Iaona Lambert
Fribourg, Switzerland

December 2022

Brand Strategy: Atanas Dzingarov, Alexander Petrov | Creative Direction: Alexander Petrov | Design: Maria Vasileva, Selen Petkova | Motion design: Martin Mihaylov | Web development: Alexander Petrov

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