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In a time of overwhelming stress for the modern woman, Berenica is the only female-focused health and wellness community in Europe, helping busy, health-conscious women, manage anxiety and pain through useful content and high-quality plant-based supplements, allowing them to regain their joy of living. The key problem for the project was to capture an appropriate vision for a minimalist female-centric brand, that walks the fine line between the wellness, cosmetics, and CBD supplement industries. An identity that seems relaxing, yet warm and inviting.

A minimalist CBD oil packaging, infused with a soul

The entire experience of working with Embrand studio has been incredibly insightful and I feel we’ve had a very good and productive partnership! Their services have not only brought the needed clarity into the Berenica brand but have successfully captured our vision and brought it to life. With their help, we have created the infrastructure for the future developments of the brand. Our only concern was whether the Embrand team would be able to understand and capture our vision for the brand. And since this is a women-focused brand, I was also concerned whether they will be able to successfully communicate this vision to our target audience - but I think they nailed it! Working with Embrand studio is not just about hiring designers but choosing a highly skilled business partner that could guide and advise one throughout the entire process of discovering and creating the right brand identity for your business.

Veronika Koeva
Berenica Botani
Berenica Botani
Kazanlak, Bulgaria

December 2020

Brand Strategy: Atanas Dzhingarov, Alexander Petrov | Art Direction: Alexander Petrov | Pre-print & Print Production: Inkpression | Photography: Soulcinematic

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